Specialists from Uzbekistan enhanced knowledge on use of natural refrigerants

Refrigeration specialists from Uzbekistan took part in the international training organized in the city of Rottenburg am Neckar (Germany) on 27-31 March 2017.

The five-day training “Safe Use of Natural Refrigerants Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide” was organized by UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub in cooperation with independent consulting firm HEAT (Germany) within the framework of the regional component of UNDP project “Initial Implementation of Accelerated Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) Phase-Out in the Countries with Economies in Transition”, which is simultaneously implemented in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Republic of Belarus and the Ukraine.

In the course of the training the participants from Uzbekistan improved their theoretical and practical knowledge concerning the use of natural refrigerants such as ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2), learned about installation and maintenance of the systems working on them, and exchanged with their expertise with colleagues from other participating countries of the project. Apart from theoretical and practical sessions, they visited a local factory related to BITZER, a company specialized in production of refrigeration equipment, where they got acquainted with the process of production of refrigeration systems, working on natural refrigerants.

This training is the continuation of the previous training on the safe use of propane as refrigerant held in Springe (Germany) in December 2016. It is expected that trained specialists will be conducting similar trainings for local specialists in the Republic of Uzbekistan within the framework of the national component of the project.

The Republic of Uzbekistan, within the framework of the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, committed itself to the accelerated reduction in the consumption of HCFC by 2020 and its complete removal from the consumption by 2030. At present, thanks to the close cooperation between State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection and UNDP, several measures are being undertaken to build the capacity of the state and private sector institutions to reduce dependence on import and consumption of HCFC. These measures, among others, include training of the technicians in the refrigeration sector, transfer of modern equipment designed for improving the quality of maintenance service and creation of the HCFC Recovery and Recycling centers.